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What is The Paranormal Guide?

What is the Paranormal Guide?
Watch the video below to get a good idea on what we do!


Information will be presented through articles, pictorials and most importantly of all videos. We also have a forum area set up so that you too can put across your opinions and ideas on the many and varied topics we aim to cover over time.

Social media is also important so we have set up a Facebook page to further push the levels of interactivity with you for this project.


Who is The Paranormal Guide?

The Paranormal Guide is owned by Ashley Hall and his team is made up of four people passionate about the paranormal world. Paul is a bit of a technology nut and is always buying new tools and equipment. Debbie is best described as our reporter and is always out in the field researching and putting together new mini docos for the site. Tash is the teams medium and provides some extra information on a location. Ashley maintains the site, is the head investigator and provides some of the direction and what the Guide is doing next.

The Paranormal Guide also has forums and a Facebook page which means content can be created by anyone and if it fits and permission is given by the author it will make it into the website articles and the base of contributors will have grown.

Really The Paranormal Guide is everyone who has a fascination in the paranormal or the strange and weird. Just be commenting on pictures, videos, articles, forum entries you are helping to grow the website. Should your interaction prove substantial or interesting you will probably gain the attention of the admins and potentially brought into the group.

Isn't the name misleading?

The title 'The Paranormal Guide' might be a little misleading. It might lead you to think that this website has all the answers. That would be about as far from the truth as possible. I chose the title guide for two reasons:

1) For myself I chose to interpret it as being a source of information albeit one that does not nescessarily have the answers.

2) The names I originally wanted were not available or two close to some other Australian Paranormal sites.

I guess it is what you make of it. Remembering we are not trying to push our views and different views are always welcome.